When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

“Huh! I didn’t know that,” is a phrase that I have used many times in my life. In a world with a constant flow of information that is so easily accessible, I sometimes think I know more about something than I do; which my young adult children take great delight in pointing out. I will … Continue reading When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Wrestling with Results

It has been a very interesting three weeks since the IRS opened the e-filing season. We are seeing varied results compared to last year and generally those results are less money coming back to clients as refunds. This causes a state of bewilderment and frustration to those who traditionally count on their refund for certain … Continue reading Wrestling with Results

Bracket vs. Effective, huh?

Every industry has their own jargon; their own foreign language. Using everything from buzzwords and phrases like “dive deep” or “put a pin in it” to legalese like “prima facia” and “ipso facto,” professionals expect you to understand what they are talking about. The tax world is no different. Bifurcating the depreciation versus taking a … Continue reading Bracket vs. Effective, huh?